Why is My Golden Retrievers Belly Black

5 Reasons Why Is My Golden Retriever Belly Black?

When you have a Golden Retriever and you think that the skin on the stomach of your Golden Retriever is getting black. Maybe you’re worried about why is my Golden Retriever belly black.

Moreover, you’re concerned about your dog that something is wrong with your dog. In such cases, you’ve to take your dog to the vet to determine what is the problem with the dog.  As well as take some steps for your dog after noticing the black color on the skin of the dog that could help your puppy.

If you want to know what will be the problem with the dog and how it can be managed when the skin color of the belly of the dog got black. You have to stay and read all the information which is mentioned below.

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Why Is My Golden Retriever Belly Black?

One of the most common conditions in the dog is called hyperpigmentation and due to this condition, the Golden Retriever turns black.

In this condition, the skin is darkening and normally it happens over time. There are also some other reasons that the skin on the stomach of the dog is turning black from the actual color of the dog.

Which is called a skin infection, allergies, obesity, an endocrine disorder, hormonal abnormalities, and contact dermatitis.

1. Infection

Bacterial infections and parasites can also cause hyperpigmentation like ringworm.

Vomiting, Coughing, Decreased energy levels, Shivering, Red eyes, Loss of hairs around the eyes, Loss of appetite, etc, are the most common symptom of the infection.

2. Allergies

To certain food and ingredient if your dog is allergic to and from the environment are allergens, it will experience the allergic reaction.

For instance, their digestive system will not work properly, In many ways allergic reactions can be manifested, and excessive licking and scratching are the most common result in the affected areas.

A change in skin color can be caused by chronic itching. Note that some time will be taken for this change to occur and it does not happen suddenly.

The main symptoms of allergies are excessive licking and scratching. Also, some other symptoms are there, such as cough, red and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, hives, skin redness, and pain in the facial area.

3. Hormonal Abnormalities:

Normally, Through the skin issues in dogs’ hormonal abnormalities and hormonal disbalance will most often manifest themselves.

Chronic licking, chronic chewing of the coat, and excessive scratching are the most common clinical sign of hormonal abnormalities.

4. Obesity

Also, hyperpigmentation can be developed by overweighting the Golden Retriever.

Change in skin color can occur in this case in the area around the leg, belly, and groin. Therefore, one of the main reasons for changing the color of the stomach skin of the dog.

5. Endocrine Disorder

The skin of the Golden Retriever dog can also be caused by endocrine disorders to change color along with other effects, such as hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hyperpigmentation, and cushing disease.

Some of the symptoms there such as fur loss, thinner hair, thirst, change in appetite, different energy, and thin and thicker skin.

In Golden Retriever BlueBerry Stomach

Instead of a black belly, a blueberry belly will be more often noticed by you in a Golden Retriever dog. However, the symptoms and causes are similar.

In Golden Retriever, the blueberry stomach is common, nonetheless, when the other color is noticed by you the Golden Retriever accepts the blueberry belly, and you have to visit your vet to check the dog.

Can Dog Skin Color Revert Back?

Maybe the skin color goes back but it also depends on the dog. Secondly, how long the skin went on?

In the other situation when the problem caught early. Then there are more chances that the color can go back but if it caught late then there are fewer chances of going color back to the actual condition.

In the dark skin of the dog, the dirtiness dog can’t be determined, but sometimes if the dog is injured you can not see the wound clearly from a little far.

The second thing is that the turning of the darkness of dog skin can be due to some serious disease.


Many factors can be seen in dogs belly black, and can a change be caused in the skin by the pigmentation of the Golden Retriever. But here I discussed 5 Essential reasons Why Is My Golden Retriever Belly Black.

If your dog’s belly change color it might be a serious matter so in this case you have to take your dog to a vet and they will give a treatment to your dog. The veterinarian will determine the appropriate treatment for your dog.


Q1. Why is my puppy’s tummy black?

There are many causes for which your puppy’s tummy is black. It can be hyperpigmentation which occurs normally in dogs ages. Infection and some other diseases can also occur such as obesity, endocrine disorder, etc.

Q. What Colour should my dog’s belly be?

The color of the dog’s belly depends on the breed and genes. The skin of the belly of the dog should be pink and black. If you have a Golden Retriever then the color can be blueberry. But mostly I have seen the white color of the tummy of the dog.

Q. Which oil is best for dogs’ skin?

There are some kinds of oil which is best for dogs’ skin. Such as chamomile oil, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Fish oil, etc. These all are good for maintaining the skin of a dog in good condition.

Q4. Can I rub coconut oil on my dog daily?

If you want to use coconut oil topically, Rub the oil on the skin of the dog once a week or over the week. When you rub your dog after five minutes rinse your dog, if it still feels greasy or oily. You can use a light shampoo to rinse your dog. It will keep the skin of the dog in good condition.

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