Why Golden Retrievers Are The Worst

9 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Worst?

Golden retrievers are known for their beautiful and furry coats. They are also famous for their demeanour (outward behaviour) and relationship with their owners or with all the people around them. They have been admired as one of the best breeds. 

However, it’s important to shed light on some less favourable facts about their nature. Everyone loves their dogs, but golden retriever owners have endless reasons or factors why golden retrievers are the worst. Although they’re very active, affectionate, tenderhearted, and playful, the reasons which I am going to tell you in this article make them the worst choice.

While agreeing that every dog is unique, I’ll discuss all the reasons and behaviours that can make these dogs challenging for certain individuals or households.

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9 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Worst?

While Golden Retrievers are often hailed as one of the most beloved dog breeds, it’s essential to consider all perspectives. Here I’ll explore 9 reasons why they may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

1. They’re Too Active 

As we all know, golden retrievers are active dogs. While this trait can be adorable to some, it can also offer challenges for individuals or families with a more relaxed lifestyle.

They need constant physical exercise and mental stimulation. This active nature of golden retrievers may be good or may cause problems for some people.

It’s okay when you have time, but you can’t dedicate the necessary time and effort. So, if you have a golden retriever at home and by chance you get important work to do, your furry friend will create problems for you. 

Now, to avoid this habit, you need to train your golden retriever. Train it when to sleep, when to eat, and also when to play. 

2. Need Grooming Requirements Extensively

One of the most primitive features of golden retrievers is their long, oily coat. They also have shining silky hairs.

Their fur needs to be groomed regularly and maintained to keep it in optimal condition. Well, now this would be easy for those who really love their golden retriever and they also have sufficient time to care.

 Nevertheless, it would be a very hard and a kind of tough job for those who do love their dogs but do not have enough time.

Moreover, shedding their hair from the coats really makes it a problem. Their hairs can fall in your food and water, etc.

I have seen many people who hate hair in their food and water. In short, their furry coat needs to be groomed, and you have to frequently brush and bathe your golden retriever

3. More Exposed To Health Problems

Unfortunately, golden retrievers are sensitive to certain health issues. The most common issues or problems are hip dysplasia, cancer, and skin allergies.

These health issues are treated costly. While your golden retriever is sick and has one of the above problems, get ready for the heavy bills of the veterinarian. Before adopting a golden retriever, all these things should be carefully considered.

Now, to save ourselves from getting into this dilemma, we need to think about our financial strength. If we do not have the money to keep such dogs, then we do not need to keep them. 

4. Their Size And Strength

It isn’t for golden retriever puppies, but it should be considered a reason that makes golden retrievers the worst.

They can’t be trusted all the time. I think that we should not trust animals so much. They show friendly behaviour, but their mind can be easily changed. 

Sometimes, they can hurt you. It happens mostly with children. When you let your kids play with your golden retriever, you need to keep watching them as they can not be trusted at all.

Many dogs hurt and bite the kids of their owners. They are energetic too, so it could also be a problem for aged people.  You may want to learn Are Golden Retrievers Good Gaurd Dogs? (Tips For Training).

5. Their Size Required A Large Space

Typically, golden retrievers are large dogs weighing between 25 to 34 kilograms. They require much space to move around comfortably.

They also need access to a secure and spacious yard for exercise. So, if you are living in a small apartment and you do not have a suitable outdoor area, a golden retriever wouldn’t be a good choice.

6. Their Emotional Sensitivity

Golden retrievers are known for their friendly and affectionate in nature. They are very close to humans. Their friendly nature is because of their breeding history.

It simply means that they can be sensitive and they can be prone or exposed to separation anxiety.

They bloom in human relationships and can become disturbed or exhibit destructive behaviour when they feel lonely or neglected. 

If your lifestyle is so busy or you frequent absences or working hours without the ability to provide adequate attention and social interaction, your golden retriever might be in bad circumstances. 

These situations can change the behaviour of your golden retriever. If he or she is facing these problems, they can be so needy then, and it would create a problem for you.

In order to avoid its too-needy behaviour, you ought to train your dog properly and give it some time. Don’t neglect your dog, and give adequate attention. 

7. Training And Socialization

Golden retrievers are intelligent dogs and eager to please. However, they can be slow to mature emotionally.

They can be your good companions, but they need training. Golden retrievers require consistent training and early socialization to become well-behaved companions.

Otherwise, they can create behavioural problems for you, like excessive jumpings, chewing, biting, and pulling on the leash.

 So, before adopting a golden retriever,  you need to shed light on your routine activities. See whether you have adequate time to give proper training to you, golden or not.

If your answer is yes, then it is good you can go for having a golden retriever. If your answer is no, you had better not adopt a golden retriever as they are energetic and sociable and they need adequate attention and training.

8. Their Short Life

Golden retrievers have a generally short lifespan of about 10 to 12 years on average. They got slightly longer lifespans than some dogs. But significantly shorter than most dog breeds. Some dogs have lifspan of about 20 years.

Losing a loved one is painful, and everyone dog owner wants their dog to live a longer life. It means if you are a golden retriever lover, you should look for this reason too because it can break your heart.

With proper care and treatment, you can extend your dog’s lifespan, but it can not work all the time.

You’d be surprised to know that researchers have found a decrease in the lifespan of golden retrievers by 5 to 6 years only in the last five decades. 

Obviously, this issue is caused by genetic defects found in certain breed lines. Genetic problems can be treated, but they require sufficient effort.

It should be noted that once your golden retriever has a genetic issue, it can not be treated then.  We need to overcome this problem at the genetic level. 

It’s also noticeable that most golden retrievers get cancer at some point in their lifespan. The problematic thing here is that most of the owners do not notice it early.

So, not only golden retrievers but humans can also lose a life. These days, cancer is not a big problem at all if you have noticed it earlier. Many ways are there to treat the cancer of golden retrievers.  

However, when you are not able to notice the cancer in your golden retriever,  it will get worse and will spread throughout the body.

Once its cancer spreads through the body, it is difficult to cure or treat it. To avoid this issue, you have to have a proper look over your golden retriever. 

So, this problem can also make them the worst choice because you need to take your golden retriever to a veterinarian more often. 

9. Their Extensive Friendliness 

Golden retrievers are friendly,  sociable, devoted, and adorable dog breeds. These characteristics are considered as their advantages if you want to have a golden retriever for fun only. 

However, it could be their disadvantage as a guard because of the fact that they are too friendly. They behave with strangers the way they behave with their owners. 

They can happily smile towards everyone without knowing what he or she is going to do with them or their owner. So, they are good choices as friends but are the worst as guards.


Golden retrievers can be good and they can be the worst depending on situations and conditions. All the above-mentioned reasons are found commonly in many golden retrievers. However, there might be some other reasons that make them become the worst. Consequently, we can’t judge them directly.

We need to have a glance at our routine activities, our wealth, and our love for them, and then we can decide whether they could be best for us or bad. If you have some reasons that make golden retrievers the worst choice, do share them with us. 


Q1. Are Golden Retrievers lucky dogs?

Golden retrievers are generally friendly, happy, and lucky dogs that can create amiable and even strong relationships with cats. Although they are larger than cats, they play with them and enjoy. We can not say they are lucky or not, but it hase been lucky for many people. It depends on your interest towards them. The more you like them, the more they will be lucky.

Q2. At what age are golden retrievers most difficult? 

The period of adolescence of golden retrievers start from 5 months, and it lasts until they are about three years old. The most difficult period is between 8 to 18 months, in which most of the dogs are surrendered to rescue and shelter. 

Q3. What are the negative things in golden retrievers?

Negatives of the golden retrievers include:
1. High Weight: Golden retrievers get bigger (55 to 75 pounds), and they will gladly get bigger even if you overdo them.
2. Need adequate attention and exercise: Golden retrievers are energetic dogs, and they need vigorous exercise for their mental stimulation. They can become worse if you do not train them regularly.  So, they need sufficient time.
3. They might not be great alone in the apartment. Naturally, they are blessed with humans. So, in your absence, they could be worse. 
4. Shedding hairs: Golden retrievers are blessed with furry coats. They give a great pleasant look, but the bad thing is, their hair is continuously shed. They need to be brushed, bathed, and groomed regularly. 

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