Why Are Golden Retrievers So Needy

10 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Needy? 

We all know that most of us want to have golden retrievers as pets. The reason behind this is their friendly and sociable behavior. Moreover, many good characteristics make them super intelligent and amiable dogs

Do you also have a golden retriever? If your answer is yes, you would be surprised to know how needy your golden retriever can be.

I’ll cover all the possible reasons which make them so needy here. Before I go through their needy behavior reasons, I want to give you a short overview, and then I will explain all the reasons in a bit more detail.

Here is an overview:

  • Their breeding history
  • Enjoying attention and affection
  • Boredom, pain, anxiety, and maybe fear
  • Rewarding his/her needy behavior more often
  • Clingy, when you have food
  • When female golden retrievers are in heat
  • Clingy during your pregnancy
  • Mistreating when puppy
  • Remembering the past traumatic experience
  • Change in environment 

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Needy?

The most common 10 reasons that make golden retrievers so needy include:

So, all the above reasons can be considered in golden retrievers while being so needy. Now keep reading as I am going to explore each reason with a bit of detail.

1. Their Breeding History

You might not know why they are called golden retrievers. Well, golden is just their color, but they are called retrievers because of their primary role, which is retrieving.

These dogs were specially bred for this purpose. As their work is with humans and they are needed to be all time with humans.

Hence, they’re accustomed to being with humans all the time. This historical breeding purpose made them so needed.

2. Enjoying Attention And Affection

This reason is a bit natural. Just like other dogs, golden retrievers also love attention and affection from you, or we can say their owners.

Being humans, we do need attention and affection from our surroundings. This reduces our stress, feel happy, and consider us special to them.

The same is true with golden retrievers. All the time, they need you and want you to give them hugs.

Playing with them, giving them hugs, patting on their head, throwing balls and ordering them to get them back to you, and many more things you do with them for fun can make them used to all these things.

Once your dog is used to it, it will demand all the time then, and you will find them so needy as well. So, your way of dealing can also make them so needy.

3. Boredom, Pain, Anxiety, or Fear

Sometimes your dog will be all okay but it will be boring. When bored, you will find them needy.

If you play with your dog more often, and for some reason, you do not have time to give, your dog will be frustrated.

So, in such a situation, you will find your dog bothering you. However, it should be noted that it may be possible that your dog is in pain.

This condition can be easily identified. Look, if your dog has not been so needy before, it means he or she is in pain.

If you have enough knowledge about golden retrievers, find your dog’s problem. Otherwise, you need to take your golden to the nearby hospital. 

Furthermore, anxiety and fear can also be the reasons for getting your golden retrievers so needy. It is okay to play with your dog, but it should be noted that you had better not tease your golden retrievers so much.

Based on my personal experience, dogs go anxious when we fasten them for an extended period. If you do so to your dog, you will see the changes in your dog.

It will start barking a lot, and whenever you just whistle, it will start wagging its tail and will jump on you. Apart from this, if your golden retriever is feared of something, it will make them needy as well.

4. Rewarding Your Retriever’s Needy Behavior 

It is common with many pets. It would not be wrong if I say, rewarding each and everything of human can even make them so needy.

Sometimes you just give lots of love to your dogs, which is not good. As we are humans and it happens that we can not be the same all the time.

So whenever you are busy or you do not want to play with your retriever, your dog will force you to play with it. This also contributes to their needy behavior.

5. Clingy, When You Have Food

It is very common in all types of dogs. They do everything when you are having something they want to eat. Try not to show your dog you bought something for it or maybe be for you.

By doing so, they will not tease you. You will find this problem if your dog’s eating time is not scheduled. You need to give them food at a specific time so they can only bother you when they need to eat.

6. When Female Retrievers Are In Heat

You will probably be shocked to know that female golden retrievers can be so needy while they are in heat. Oftentimes, you will see them needier if this is her first time in the heat cycle. 

She is scared and becomes frightened of what is going on in her body. She likely feels confused and will seek comfort and more attention from you.

7. Clingy During Your Pregnancy

It has been noticed in golden retrievers that whenever their beloved one I mean their owner gets pregnant, golden retrievers become so needy.

They do this to protect their owner from any kind of danger. They feel our emotions, and they know what is happening to their owner.

So, if you’re a female having a golden retriever, it can be needy during your pregnancy.

8. Remembering Past Traumatic Experiences 

Some retrievers remember what happened to them in the past. If something bad happens to them, they remember and cause a change in their behaviors.

Even though it is not common, some adult golden retrievers show excessively needy behavior.  This is more common in those who are adopted from shelter.

9. Mistreating When Puppy

I consider this the most perfect reason for being so needy. The more you give time to your puppy, the more they will be needy.

If you had given much time or mistreated your golden retriever when a puppy, it could have contributed to its clingy behavior then, and now it does not like being left alone. 

It would be more likely if you got your puppy from a shelter. However, with the passage of time when your golden retriever gets older, the clingy behavior will be reduced. It happens during aging with every dog.

10. Change In Environment 

Sometimes, your golden will be all okay, and there will be no other reason, but if you have changed its environment, golden retrievers could show needy behavior.

Changing their place, or if you just moved to another house, can lead to their needy behavior.

If their needy behavior is because of a change in environment, it is not a problem then as it can be treated easily. You just need to try getting used to your dog there. Learn about Can Golden Retrievers Live Outside? (But How) 


All the above-mentioned issues that contribute to the needy behavior of golden retrievers are the most common reasons found in many dogs.

If you fail to identify the reason that makes your dog go so needy, you should visit a dog behaviorist because there might be another issue with your dog, making it bother you. Now, how to reduce this behavior. The answer is very simple. All you need is to stop the reason that is making your dog needy.

However, if you are now going to have a golden retriever puppy, you should treat it and not give it more time. Train it well so it can behave well when it grows. Don’t teach those things which you don’t like. Also, don’t let it do things that you don’t like.


Q1. Why is my Golden Retriever so attached to me?

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyal and affectionate nature. They form strong bonds with their owners due to their innate desire for companionship and social interaction. Regular interaction, training, and positive reinforcement help strengthen the attachment between you and your Golden Retriever.

Q2. Why are Golden Retrievers always hungry?

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being food enthusiasts. Their high energy levels and metabolism contribute to their seemingly insatiable appetite. It’s important to ensure they receive a balanced diet and proper portion control to maintain their weight and overall health.

Q3. Why do Golden Retrievers like to cuddle so much?

Golden Retrievers are naturally affectionate and enjoy physical contact with their owners. They seek comfort, warmth, and a sense of security through cuddling. This behavior also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend, providing them with emotional reassurance and contentment.

Q4. Do Golden Retrievers get attached to one person?

While Golden Retrievers are known for their friendly and sociable nature, they can develop a strong attachment to one person in particular. This is often influenced by the individual’s consistent care, attention, and positive interactions. However, with proper socialization and exposure to others, they can form attachments with multiple family members.

Q5. Do Golden Retrievers like to sleep with their owners?

Many Golden Retrievers enjoy sleeping close to their owners. They find comfort and security in being near their loved ones, and sharing a sleeping space reinforces their bond. However, it’s essential to establish healthy sleep routines and ensure everyone gets quality rest, considering factors like allergies, space limitations, and individual preferences.

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