Why Golden Retrievers Are so friendly

8 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Friendly?

Do you really want to know why are Golden Retrievers so friendly? If so, then you’ve come to the right place because I’m also really curious to share some amazing facts about famous dogs, golden retrievers.

As we all know, most of us have pets at home in which dogs are the most beloved. When we talk about dogs, everyone wants to have golden retrievers. The super friendly and social nature of golden retrievers made them so popular in the world.

If you also have a golden retriever, you should read this article because I am going to explain all the reasons which make them so friendly. Read the below following reasons so you can better understand your dog’s behavior.

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8 Reasons Why Are Golden Retrievers So Friendly?

From their warm greetings to their gentle nature, golden retrievers have earned the reputation for being some of the friendliest companions around.

So, what lies behind their exceptional friendliness? They’re known for their friendly nature due to a combination of factors:

Reason #1: Selective Breeding

It’s very much clear that golden retrievers were selectively bred. In the past, breeders looked for the best nature and friendly breeds, and they were then crossed with one another. 

After crossing them, the breeders then came up with the most social dogs, golden retrievers. 

Reason #2: Historical Role 

As the name retrievers are from retrieves, which means to get back, or we can also say to get back a thrown ball. These dogs were mostly used to retrieve small birds. Would you like to learn the answer to Why Is My Golden RetrieverFlat Coated Retriever vs Golden Retriever (In Depth Comparision) So Small?

It is very much clear that this kind of work requires them to be side by side with their companions. 

As a result, this made them loyal and friendly to their owners. So, the origin is the second reason why they are so amicable and loyal to their owners.

Reason #3: Eager To Please Nature 

You know what? I consider this acquisition the best and an important reason that makes them really special.

You might have seen some people around who always want to please someone. They feel happy when they make someone happy. The same is the case here with golden retrievers. 

They have a high drive to please their companions and are always ready to go the extra mile to see their owners happy.

This special character makes it easier to teach them the right way to behave and interact with you.

Reason #4: Socialization

Golden retrievers are very social. And they have an outgoing personality, and they enjoy having fun with other pets, their owner, and even other people.

You will not believe some dogs only except their owner and the people they know. A stranger can not even pass the road from them.

However, golden retrievers are so friendly. You can make them your friend by saying Hey friend or just whistling, and you will see their pleasing response.

They also have the quality to share their own place with other dogs, and they do it with their open heart.

Reason #5: Love for Making New Connections 

It is very common for them that they do not shy away from greeting guests with a wagging tail. They welcome everyone.

It does not matter if they know them or if they are strangers. They have a natural inclination to show affection.

They thrive on human companionship and seek to please their owners. This unique quality makes them very special, and this quality contributes to their friendliness.

Reason #6: Gentle Disposition 

Being retrievers their primary role is to catch the birds or bring them back without hurting them. They do the same with everyone, whether they are animals, birds, or humans.

They’ll not hurt you until you make them angry. That is why golden retrievers are considered as an ideal dog for families with kids. What about the gaurding skill of golden retrievers and here is what I think.

They’ll play with your kids without hurting them. if by mistake you hurt them, they do not change as they are patient too. This also contributes to their friendly nature.

Reason #7: People-Oriented

Golden retrievers are amiable dogs, and they love being around people. They have an inherent ability to read and understand human emotions.

With this, they respond with empathy and understanding. This ability made them super unique and suitable for families and other household activities.

Moreover, this characteristic makes them different from other dogs in bonding with humans easily. So I consider this as a contributing quality of golden retrievers being so friendly. 

Reason #8: Craving for Love

Being humans, first, we want to be loved back. This is also present in golden retrievers. They love the whole family, and they give respect to their owners, and in demand, they want love too.

It’s the rule of nature that the more you love someone, the more they will be loyal and friendly to you.  Just like we shower our companions with lots of love and with care, Golden retrievers expect the same from us.

They crave affection and love it when we pat their head, give hugs, play with them, and even simple hay from their loved ones can make them happy and cheerful. 


Golden Retrievers’ friendliness can be attributed to their selective breeding, historical role, eagerness to please nature, socialization, love for making new connections, gentle disposition, people oriented behavior, and their craving for love. Their exceptional friendliness makes them cherished pets for countless families worldwide.


Q1. Are golden retrievers the friendliest?

Golden retrievers are known for their friendly nature. They are often considered one of the friendliest dog breeds due to their gentle temperament, affectionate behavior, and love for people.
They are great family pets and get along well with children, other pets, and strangers.

Q2. How friendly are golden retrievers?

Golden retrievers are exceptionally friendly dogs. They have a reputation for being warm, welcoming, and sociable. They typically display a high level of friendliness towards both familiar faces and strangers.
Their outgoing nature, coupled with their desire to please, makes them excellent companions and therapy dogs.

Q3. Do Golden Retrievers pick one person?

Golden retrievers don’t necessarily pick just one person. They have a natural inclination to form strong bonds with their human family as a whole, rather than singling out one individual.
While they may show slight preferences for certain family members, they are generally affectionate and loving towards everyone in the household.

Q4. Are golden retrievers very clingy?

They can exhibit a certain level of clinginess due to their strong desire for human companionship. They enjoy being around their family members and can become attached to them.
However, this behavior varies from dog to dog, and proper training and socialization can help establish a healthy balance between their need for attention and independence.

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