How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever

Unlock Secrets How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever?

You have a golden retriever a well-known dog breed and also famous for its friendly behavior. They were used to retrieve small birds without hurting them. As they work all the time with humans, and their bonds are very strong with humans.

When talking about our pet’s grooming, we normally consider giving much food and playing with them will work and help to keep our dog healthy. However, it does not work at all. There are many things you need to consider and take care of to keep your golden retriever healthy and clean.

One I consider, keeping your golden retriever is the most important and beneficial step. Now, the question is how you can keep your beloved friend neat and clean. So, the answer to this question is very simple, and that is bathing. Yes, bathing can keep your golden retriever clean and will help in its grooming.

Here I’m going to explain it to you and will cover another question which is how often your golden retriever should be bathed. All you need to keep reading and get to know how often you should bathe your friend.

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How Often Should I Bathe My Golden Retriever?

Golden retrievers are “water dogs” and are known for their long double coat. They’re happy being clean and tidy indoors as well as being wet and dirty outdoors.

Occasionally, bathing is going to help keep your golden retriever happy and healthy. Bathing your golden retriever should be just another task to check off in the grooming routine of your golden retriever.

When and how often to bathe? Golden retrievers require bathing every two to three months or I’d say after every two weeks.

You can 100 % bathe your golden retriever too often, but before doing this, I’d like to say that there are many occasions in which dogs need to be bathed differently.

Before making a bathing schedule for your furry friend, consider these few things:

  • Check that your golden retriever or any other dog is active and spends a lot of time outside or inside.
  • Check your golden retriever’s age, lifestyle, and health condition.
  • See first you are bathing your dog in the summer or winter.
  • Also, check that you are bathing your golden retriever too many or too few.
  • You also need to know whether you are living in a rural or urban area.
  • Is your golden retriever infected or has a disease?

So, many things are important to keep in mind while bathing your golden retriever.

Outdoor vs Indoor Golden Retrievers

As discussed earlier, you should clean or bathe your golden retriever after every two weeks or as needed. However, it depends on your dog’s activity.

We all know that golden retrievers are very active dogs, and they love to play, swim, and go outside.

If your dog is also actively going outside and playing in the sand, mud, and other things that make it dirty, you should bathe your golden retriever more often.

Golden retrievers are blessed with a warm and durable double coat of fur. It is very much sure that when your furry friend goes outside to play, he or she will be dirty then and will need a bath after.

In this case, you should just bathe your golden retriever after getting back home. If it is not that dirty, then you should bathe it once a week or once after every second week if you lack time.

If your golden retriever plays inside a home or you don’t let him or her go play outside, then I don’t think your dog needs to be bathed more often.

It’s because houses are clean and normally being inside does not make your golden retriever so dirty. In this case, I think you should bathe your dog twice a month.

Your Golden Retriever’s Lifestyle And Coat Condition

This is very much clear to everyone that based on your dog’s lifestyle, you can bathe your golden retriever.

Most people do take care of their dogs, and they don’t even let them walk. So, for those, bathing should not be a problem.

However, if you are not taking care of your golden retriever, you should make a plan for its bathing routine.

It’s important as humans, we wash our hair regularly to keep them clean and healthy. So, our golden retrievers are no exception.

Secondly, the most important thing to consider while making a plan for your golden retriever bathing routine is to check your dog’s coat condition.

Some golden retrievers may have coat conditions that require more frequent baths while some need a few baths.

For this, you need to visit a veterinarian to diagnose your dog’s coat and suggest a better bathing plan for your golden.

Considering The Age Of Your Golden Retriever

Look, age can also be a factor you need to keep in mind while bathing. It’s very much clear that the puppy’s bathing pattern is different from adult and older ones.

The bathing pattern of puppies normally depends on how you groom them. According to its need, you should bathe them.

Adults’ golden retrievers are more dependent on their activities and lifestyle mostly.

Check their activities and look for where they play afterward and decide how often they need to be bathed. Then, bathe your adult golden retriever accordingly. 

However, older golden retrievers are a bit confusing and difficult to bathe. It is because their health condition matters too much.

You can’t decide when to bathe and how often to bathe before taking it to the veterinarian. Take your dog to the veterinarian so he could check the health and skin condition of your golden retriever.

He’ll suggest shampoo or other materials necessary for its growth and health condition. So do bathe your golden retriever according to the prescribed pattern, then.

Winter vs Summer

As humans, we do change our bathing pattern according to the season. The same is with golden retrievers. You should make a proper plan for your furry friend.

In the winter season, note your golden retriever whether he or she wants to go outside or it tends to be inside all the time.

If most of your time is inside, you do not need more baths. Only once after 15 days will work and will keep your dog clean and tidy.

However, it is different in the summer season as the body temperature increases due to the environment and inside metabolic activities.

So, in this case, more often baths should be preferred. Dogs do not have sweat glands in their skin, however, they can get wet through swimming and other activities. Due to this, they can get dirty and smelly.

 Commonly, we take our dogs outside for refreshments and for playing with them. So, in such situations they get dirty and we need to bathe them more often in order to remove the dirt and debris from their furry coat.

Here, you ought to bathe your retriever once a week. Do not bathe your golden more than once a week because it will damage its skin and will affect the oily nature of its skin.

Rural vs Urban Areas

Out of many factors, it is also important to know whether your dog is living in a rural area or an urban area.

Well, it is clear to all of us that normally rural areas have many spaces and different types of scenery, places where your golden retriever will love to play a lot.

It’ll swim and play in the sand. Here, you need to bathe your golden more often. If you’re in an urban area, I think you do not need baths more often.

The environment in urban areas is polluted, but it looks clean. Normally in such places, we do not have lakes and ponds and sandy places.

So, your golden cannot get so dirty and you do not need to bathe him or her more often.

Bathing Too Many Times vs Few Baths

After discussing some of the factors, I want to share that you should also check if you are bathing your golden retriever too many times or a few in a month or a week.

You had better not bathe your golden too often as it can damage the natural oily nature of your dog.

It also irritates and can harm the skin of your dog. Therefore, bathing too frequently may not be ideal for your golden retriever.

The same is with too few baths, it can make your golden retriever too lazy and can get a noticeable odor from time to time.

Is Your Golden Retriever Sick Or Not?

One of the most important things to keep in mind while making a bathing plan for your golden retriever is checking its health.

Some diseases increase with water or simply we can say water promotes the disease. In such conditions of your dog, you must not bathe him or her even if it gets dirty.

If the situation gets worse you should visit a doctor so he or she can give you a better plan of what to do or what not to do.

In short, if your golden is sick, first you need to visit a veterinarian and then you can take a step.

Final Thoughts

The above factors are really important to keep in mind when bathing your golden retriever or any other dog. You can bathe your golden retriever after every 4-6 weeks or as often as necessary. The bathing pattern depends on you.

It depends on how often you get free to bathe your golden, how clean you want your golden to be, and it also depends on how their lifestyle is.

Keeping all these things in mind you can easily come up with an efficient plan which will help you in grooming your dog and keep them neat and clean and also keep them away from getting sick.


Q1. How often should golden retrievers have a bath?

Golden retrievers should be bathed regularly. As they have long hairs and a soft oily and furry coat, it attracts dust particles and starts an unpleasant smell.
They should be bathed after a week or after every 15 days. Once a week can be a better plan in order to keep them clean and feel happy.

Q2. Can I let my golden retriever air dry after a bath?

Yes, you can let your golden retriever air dry after a bath. Use a special towel for drying them as well. If you keep your dog inside all the time you need to dry them well because if you do not do that the water will rot in their hairy coat and will start a bad smell again.

Q3. How often do golden retrievers need to be brushed?

Golden retrievers should be brushed at least once a week. You ought to use a slicker brush or a grooming rake to remove the loose hair and reduce matting.
Golden retrievers have a dense double coat, so regular brushing is essential to keep your dog’s hair silky. Otherwise, the hair will tangle and will form mats.

Q4. Why does the golden retriever smell so bad even after a bath?

There are several reasons which can make your golden retriever smell so bad even after a bath. Underlying skin conditions or infections could be a reason that may require veterinary attention.
Poor drying after a bath can lead to moisture accumulation and a musty smell. If the grooming products are not suitable for your dog, using inappropriate shampoo, etc can also be the reason behind the unpleasant smell. 

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