Can You Potty Train A Dog With A Shock Collar

Can You Potty Train A Dog With A Shock Collar? (Options You Can Utilize)


Many people have pets nowadays and most of them love very much their cats and dog. Some people kept the dogs as same as they kept their children.

However, it’s very difficult to train pets, especially dogs. Most people face this problem with their dogs because dogs have different behavior compared to human beings. If you want to learn if can you potty train a dog with a shock collar, you should stay with us for a while.

I’ve given all the essential pieces of information in this blog about training dogs with a shock collar. Hence, read it carefully so that you can’t miss any steps.

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Can You Potty Train A Dog With A Shock Collar?

On some occasions, I’m really itching to shout at my dog due to his action. When the dog refuses to potty train it’s one of the frustrating points.

Your dogs willn’t go to the bathroom outside and it looks like no matter. If you’re thinking that the shock of the collar and training the dog with it can help.

So the answer is no and you’re absolutely wrong because it’s not a good idea to potty train a dog with a shock collar.

Most veterinarians will recommend you avoid it altogether. Not only a shock collar are harsh but it can also cause the dog and the dog can be scared by the shock collar.

Plus, the dog can also be mistrustful of other people giving the shock collar to the dog. Furthermore, the behavioral problems can be worse by the shock collar.

For instance, if your dog is anxious, the dog can be more stressed and fearful by the shock collar. Finally, the anxiety and stress levels are increased by using the shock collar.

Therefore, if you are thinking to train a dog with a shock collar and the shock collar will help you. So there are many other ways to potty train a dog and those ways are safer than the shock collar.

Science Behind The Usage Of Shock Collar For Dog

You’ll find shock collars in various sizes and types of colors. Meanwhile, shock collar is a radio-controlled device and it’s bulkier than a regular collar.

Also, a couple of probes are available there that the dog’s skin is against the nestle and when it is prompted the electric shock is propelled.

The shock collar can be set manually with a remote control or automatically with the sensor. This shock is also called the stimulus for what people largely object to.

Nonetheless, the design of this stimulus is harmless, as the word shock sounds harsh. So, it’s insensitive to give shock to the dog and it can have a bad impact on the dog as well.

However, if you don’t want to give shock to the dog, you have another option which is much better than the collar one.

With the alternative method, most collars are invented, such as scents, vibration, and sound. The dog’s sense of smell is much more than the human being.

It may be less harmless than the scent option that we think. Moreover, the intensity of the vibration, sound, and scent can be adjusted by the dogs than the shocks.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Shock Collar?

Whenever your dog misbehaves the shock collar delivers a brief electric current to your dog. The idea is that by the shock the unpleasant behavior will be linked to your dog. And the dog will stop doing it.

But in the short term, this may work, and it isn’t a long-term solution. The behavioral issue can be worse by it, the dog can be scared and mistrustful of the people by giving the shock.

So, in short, you have to avoid this method of potty training the dog with the help of a shock collar. You have to train your dog in some other ways which wouldn’t cause the dog as much as this method does.

5 Tips To Potty Train A Dog

You have to use some other ways to potty train a dog. Some of the tips are here without a shock collar.

1. Start With A Small Area.

Like the bathroom, you have to start with a small area if your dog has troubling to go potty outside. The dog will be helped by this to link peeing in this area with the action.

2. A Cue Word Should Be Used

You have to use a cue word or phrase ( like go potty outside) when you are taking out your dog for potty. It will help them to understand what you want from them.

3. Be Consistent

When your dog is instructed by you to potty outside, you have to be consistent with them. The dog should be taken outside at the same time and each day by you.

Use the same cue word to the dog every time you take out the dog to potty.

4. Reward The Dog With Good Behavior

You have to treat or praise the dog when your dog goes to potty in the designated area. The dog may be assisted by this that going outside to potty is a good habit.

5. A Positive Approach Should Be Taken

Don’t punish your dog because it may only make the situation worse. Clean the area if the dog potty inside and move on. You have to use a positive approach while training the dog.

As much as you use these instructions while training the dog to potty outside, you will not face any trouble.

After handling this issue of the dog you have to judge the nesting problem that the dog has and simply by applying the same rules you have to handle the other problem of the dog you facing.


I’ve discussed everything related to Can You Potty Train A Dog With A Shock Collar. Moreover, You should try to avoid shock collars to potty train dogs.

Because the dog can get scared and fearful by getting the shock. Moreover, it can also damage the fur of the dog by the current which gets to the dog by the collar which is an electric device. Of this shock, the dog can also get more stressed.


Q1. Is it bad to train a dog with a shock collar?

Yes, it is bad to train a dog with a shock collar because it can harm your dog. The electrostatics shock can cause psychological distress for your pet. The dog can also be painful by this shock. Aphobia and high-level stress can be held by the collar shock.

Q2. Do professional dog trainers use shock collars?

Some professional dog trainers use tools to train the dog and they have knowledge about these tools. The professional dog trainer is also familiar with these tools. You can also take a guidance that how to use these tools to train the dog.

Q3. Do vets recommend shock collars?

The shock collar in the dog can create anxiety, stress, and depression because it is misused. So that is why vets wouldn’t recommend shock collars.

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